Coil-Tainer is a customer-focused NVOCC, devoted to the transportation of coils in a safe, secure, and economical manner.

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Specially Designed EquipmentWe provide patented steel pallets designed to safely handle coils.

Customer EngagedWe provide support with a true focus on our customers’ needs.

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Customer Engaged

We focus on the needs of each customer to ensure an exceptional experience.

Expansive Service NetworkWe provide an extensive selection of tradelanes to serve our customers.

Coil-Tainer is a full service NVOCC, dedicated to the secure transportation of coils with a focus on providing outstanding customer service.

Coil-Tainer Limited has developed the ultimate solution for the shipment of large, heavy coils.  With our 'specially designed patented pallet' and our 'portable container loading and unloading system', we provide security and much more!

    • Shipments of steel, aluminum, copper and tin plate coils utilizing our revolutionary Coil-Tainer system
    • Focus on the needs of each customer to ensure an exceptional experience
    • An extensive service offering; shipping to many parts of the world