Shipping System

The shipment of large and heavy coil has numerous challenges associated with it. Conventional shipping leaves your coils exposed to excessive handling and the elements, and your customers are left to unpredictable sailing schedules. Existing container shipping incur the difficulties of loading and unloading, and the instability of costly blocking and bracing which is a questionable, single use solution.

With these challenges in mind we set out to design a more dependable and productive method. The Coil-Tainer System is the result of input from all corners of the shipping industry — Steamship lines, steel companies, stevedores, loading system specialists, pallet designers and steel fabricators.

Our revolutionary system effortlessly loads and unloads large and heavy coils into standard containers without any blocking or bracing. Our pallet is designed with the capability to safely hold up to 20 metric ton coils.

The Coil Loading Process

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