Coil-Tainer, Ltd.

The uncertainties and challenges of shipping steel coil is now an aspect of the past. Coil-Tainer Limited has developed the ultimate solution to shipping large and heavy coils.

Safely... Reliably... Efficiently
...and Damage Free!

With our specially designed patented pallet, and our portable container loading and unloading system, we provide this security and so much more!


About Coil-Tainer, Ltd.

As an independent ocean carrier, we are dedicated and focused exclusively on the shipment of Steel, Aluminum and Tin Plate coils utilizing our revolutionary Coil-Tainer system. This coupled with our outstanding customer service and responsiveness provides you with individual personalized service, quick problem resolution, and prompt efficient turnaround.

Our staff ensures that everything runs smoothly and timely, from ocean to land transport, to warehousing and distribution - seamless and trouble free! It's all part of our unwavering commitment to be the "very best" in the transportation of coil products.