History of Coil-Tainer

Our History

Until Coil-Tainer, the shipment of large, heavy steel coils was problematic. The only method of shipment was via conventional ships (break-bulk). The problems encountered by the shipper were infrequent and unreliable sailing schedules, longer transit times, damage due to excessive and poor handling, damage due to the elements, and limited ports of call for conventional ships.

For the coils that could legally be loaded in containers, the shipper incurs additional costs for the excessive blocking and bracing needed to secure the coil in the container, and charge backs for damage to the container during shipment. There are also the difficulties and time factor for loading and unloading the coils at the port of call.

The idea for the Coil-Tainer pallet system was born at a round table meeting in November 1997 in Antwerp, Belgium. Present at this meeting were steamship lines, stevedores, steel companies, loading system specialists and pallet designers. What was developed and perfected from these early meetings was a specially designed portable system to load and unload coils in containers, on a specially designed patented pallet, that completely protects the coil and the structural integrity of the container.

This revolutionary system for the containerized shipment of steel coils eliminates excessive handling damage and blocking and bracing costs resulting a much more cost effective way to ship large coils.

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